Single Christian

One of the sad things about being single and christian (above 30s) is that you constantly keep looking out gor the gifts and sweet surprises God wants to share with you, that may come in odd forms or from unlikely or unexpected pple.

Unlike married counterparts who easily get these gifts fotm husbands, inlaws, husbands friends etc!!



Here in Africa, most of us are only exposed or have a limited knowledge of Vocations and ways of life.
Specifically, that the two main vocations are:
1. Marriage
2. Holy Orders (Becoming a priest/nun).

Therefore it is easy to feel unaccomplished or uncelebrated in any other form of life you are in.

This is an exposé to inform and educate us of more forms of Catholic/Christian living.

There is a vocation under celibacy/singlehood where one can consecrate her life to Christ and celebrate it too as a wedding ceremony.

Pls find the link of this true life consecration here!!


Thank you very much and God bless!!.

Welcome Message

You are welcome to my blog!!

The main purpose of this blog is to educate singles on themes that will keep them empowered, uplifted and happy, knowing that, you can still be fulfilled as a single person and even find the joy that St. Paul found when he made the profound, fascinating claim that:

‘It is Better to be Single than overrun by marital woes’!!